18 minutes! Nude video of akhi ​​Alamgir (Video)

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Popular singer akhi ​​Alamgir has 18 minutes of a nude video . The first country outside the reach of the video , but now in the hands of the many videos . After the incident has rocked the arena after her break up. However, some have claimed , the video is not alamagirai akhi ​​girl.

Porn on internet video is 18 minutes 36 seconds to warm the eye of such a concept. He looked at the camera at the beginning of the video to see. A model of the capital, said the young eye is a formula. It is said that the video was recorded in the drawing room or the living room of a house in the elite. The bed is not in use. Everything is on the sofa. Beer drinking was naked eye and at one point detectors through her ​​purse down on the sofa to put down the front.

However, the porn on internet video first seen last Ramadan in America . It was removed within a few days. However, a Google search is widely available in recent times. YouTube it is available. Akhi Alamgir outlawed at the Bangladeshis Video Viewing fell. As an alternative to save some of the pictures are taken that it be heard on this CD.
Akhi Alamgir told, She did not have any nude videos. It propaganda against me.

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